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I'm a 21-year-old web developer from Karachi. I have been programming for over 6 years. I have developed useful skills as a contractor and on personal projects. I'm familiar with the modern paradigm of optimized and secure apps. Following are the technologies, frameworks, and libraries I've used over the years.

Tech I've worked with

AWS, Apache, App Deployment, Application Optimization, Bitcoin Core, Blockchain, Django, ElasticSearch, ElectronJS, Express, Go, HTML5 + CSS3, JavaScript ES10, Laravel 6-10, Linux, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, NodeJS, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, React, Rest API, Restify, SCSS, SEO, SQL, Socket.io, Ubuntu, VueJS, WSGI, Web Scraping, Web Security, WebSockets, Woocommerce, WordPress

My Work-life

I have worked on projects of different scopes and technologies. Some of them have even lasted 3 to 4 months. I like working on creative concepts and complex functionality. I'm always up for new challenges. Whenever starting a project, I always discuss the end expectations. I share better approaches to achieving greater things.


I believe in smart work, consistent learning, and loving what you do. Experimenting, debugging, open-mindedness to newer technologies, and familiarizing yourself with modern paradigms are best for pushing yourself forward. I like to immerse myself into beautiful things, programming is one of them.


You can contact me through the Contact Page.