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Just did my first professional TypeScript project

After 4-5 years with JavaScript (and loving it), I finally decided to give TypeScript a chance.

Just coded a contract-based project with it. Both backend and frontend (react) were programmed in TypeScript.

I should say that I have used typescript before on smaller one-to-three file size projects. It was mostly stuff like linear equation systems, matrix operations, basic sorting algorithms, etc.

It makes you write better, quality code, and saves time.

Visual studio code has been really good with all the helpful linting and completion suggestions.

The “IntelliSense” is great with TypeScript, I was able to extend the basic express request interface and got hints everywhere. The same goes for Mongoose Models.

Apart from just typing, Typescript beautifully extends JavaScript. This became clear when I looked at Enums and Constructor overloading. I’m sure there’s more.

I’m still learning. Will be using it in more projects.