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How to point domains to WHM (VPS & Dedicated Server)

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WHM is an awesome product by cPanel. It primarily allows you to create & manage multiple cPanel accounts, with specified parameters, in a single server.

I don’t usually encounter cPanel services much because I’m primarily a Node/JavaScript developer these days. Recently, a Laravel project involved cPanels.

Creating an Account & Attaching a Domain

WHM allows you to create cPanel accounts with specified domain names. It’s a pretty straight forward process.

That was the easy part, but how do you make sure the site is accessible? Here’s how.

Correctly pointing the domain

Step 1: Create custom/private host-names for your domain

This step is different in each registrar. It allows you to create nameservers pointing towards the IPv4 address of your server.

Here are a bunch of links on how to do this on popular domain registrars.

Just make sure to put your server’s IP (v4) in the value field.

Step 2: Change nameservers to newly created nameservers

Now that you’ve created custom nameservers, switch to these new ones. It’s fairly easy and you probably already know how to do this.

Here is how you change nameservers on popular domain registrars.

Step 3: Test if it works

It may take a while before your domain starts showing the expected results. These days, it usually takes a few minutes to a few hours.