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It's a Leap Day: Plans for next 4 years

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I think 29th Feb seems an appropriate time to evaluate my finances and future goals.

This will be a short personal post.

Why am I writing this? What’s the purpose?

Honestly, I just thought it’s Leap Day and I should write something.

The purpose is to simply make myself focus on goals and stop procrastinating.

How’s it going?

For me, it’s relatively better than last year. I’m more experienced and fiscally stable.

Globally, apart from some economists predicting a recession later this year and the coronavirus outbreak, things are fine.

Goals & Plans

  1. I have 6 personal projects to work on. I’d love to bring some of them to life.
  2. Have multiple revenue streams. I don’t want to rely on freelancing for long.
  3. Learn more about Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Visit the US.
  5. Buy some assets.

All of these are doable with total focus and planning. I really hope at least 3 of these are achieved by the next leap day.

Also, there are strong chances I might get a Computer Science degree in 2024.